Windy Wednesday and my Zara Skirt!

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Stripy Zara Skirt

Zara Skirt

Zara skirt outfit

[Skirt: Zara; Cardigan: Zara; Top: H&M; Belt: Therapy, Heels and Pashmina – M&S]

So….last Wednesday when I woke up it looked warm and sunny outside so I thought it was the perfect day to wear my gorgeous navy and white striped  skater style skirt from Zara. Little did I know that by the afternoon it would be ridiculously windy. Let me clarify…..skirt lifting above your waist kind of windy. The kind that leaves you without a doubt that you definitely flashed your undergarments on a number of occasions to passers by. Oops!! It was highly embarrassing but in hindsight it was very funny. I just feel sorry for those that may have got a full view :S. 

What I learnt from this is that whilst you might want to wear your favourite waisted skirt or full skirted dress, make sure you check the weather before you wear it otherwise you may end up with a few embarrassing moments! However, some amusing photos were taken. Most of the photos ended up like this:

Zara Skirt versus the Wind


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