How to Style Your Bump – First Trimester

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Waiting for the little “pregnant” word or positive mark on the pregnancy test is the most exciting and overwhelming moment. Probably the biggest change in your life to date with lots of exciting times ahead. Whilst being unbelievably excited and bursting at the seams to shout from the tree tops about the fabulous news, you might not be quite ready to spread the word too soon until you get the all clear in your 12 week scan that baby is ok. So…I thought I would share with you over the course of my pregnancy how I like to “style my bump” with this first instalment being all about how I styled my bump in the first trimester to try and keep our little miracle a secret from our family, friends and work colleagues until we were ready to share our news. I must admit it was probably the hardest secret I have ever tried to keep especially when we being so ecstatic and also dealing with dreaded morning sickness (which by the way is deceiving in it’s name as it lasted all day long).


I was lucky that my first trimester fell at the end of summer and into the beginning of Autumn and here in the UK it is never very warm anyway so chunky knitted scarfs, blanket scarfs and pashminas have been a must have in my wardrobe this trimester. Not only are they snuggly but they are useful to conceal your little growing bump.

Blanket Scarf Blanket Scarf Joules Miss Selfridge Blazer and Joules Blanket Scarf Miss Selfridge Blazer and Joules Blanket Scarf img_6800 img_6799 img_6798

Scarf: Joules; Jacket: Miss Selfridge; Bag: Accessorize; Jeans: H and M; Ring: Tiffany; Boots: Marks and Spencer; Watch: Fossil

Vertical Stripes

Wearing a floaty blouse with vertical stripes is a great option as they elongate and slim your silhouette drawing attention away from your growing bump. A floaty blouse in general is a great option, especially if you are suffering from morning sickness as anything tight might make you feel uncomfortable and more nauseous (it did in my case anyway). I love how easy they are to wear and yet how beautifully put together they can make you look.

img_6773 img_6768 img_6766 img_6764 img_6761 img_6760 img_6757 img_6756 img_6755 img_6754 img_6753 img_6748 img_6746 img_6742 img_6739 img_6738

Blouse: Primark; Jeans: H and M; Boots: Marks and Spencer; Bag: Accessorize; Necklace: Tiffany; Ring: Tiffany

Shirt Dresses 

There is something so effortlessly elegant about a shirt dress and they are perfect for the first trimester. I love this particular shirt dress from H&M as it is so soft and comfortable and yet looks really chic. It is the kind of shirt dress that is perfect for to dress up and dress down. Here I decided to pair it with some long brown leather boots and leggings but you could also pair it with heels, black tights, a clutch and some sparkly earrings for an evening look.

img_6707 img_6706 img_6704 img_6714 img_6713 img_6712 img_6711 img_6710 H and M Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress: H and M; Leggings: Topshop; Bag: Accessorize; Boots: Faith (old); Necklace: Tiffany; Ring: Tiffany

Slouchy jumpers

I love wearing slouchy jumpers as they are just so cosy and feels super comfortable. Perfect for during pregnancy when comfort I think is so important. If you are pregnant in the summer then slouchy tops are also a wonderful staple for your first trimester wardrobe. This jumper from Oasis has quickly become one of my favourite pieces in my Autumn wardrobe this year.

Oasis Jumperimg_6791 img_6790 img_6789 img_6788 img_6787 img_6785 img_6783 img_6782 img_6781 img_6778 img_6777

Jumper: Oasis; Jeans: H and M; Boots: Marks and Spencer; Bag: Accessorize; Watch: Fossil; Necklace: Tiffany

If you are pregnant, massive congratulations and I hope some of these different ways to style your bump are useful. Let me know in the comments your favourite ways to style your bump! If you aren’t pregnant, I hope you also find this post helpful and can take some inspiration away from it for your Autumn and Winter  wardrobe.


Naomi Lilly x



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