Pregnancy Update: The Third Trimester

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I really enjoyed my pregnancy but still can’t believe how quickly time flew!! It really didn’t twig even coming to the end of the third trimester that we were going to become parents even with increased midwife appointments, an expanding tummy and being a little more hungry. It is incredible to think that a tiny human being is being made inside of you and yet you have no real control over their development. Our little baby is truly a blessing and an absolute miracle!


Baby Bump and Movement: 

The kicks and wriggles certainly increased dramatically in this trimester and this was when we could see little limbs moving across my tummy and feel little hands and feet. It was amazing and overwhelming to know that our little baby was inside me and would meet us very soon. In this trimester, our little one would play with us by following our hands across my tummy with her hands or feet. There were a few moments were the kicks were so strong they literally took my breath away both physically and emotionally.


Symptoms wise, I had a little back ache if I had been standing for long periods of time and walking became very uncomfortable in the last week due to pain in my groin. Other than that I felt really well in my pregnancy (minus the morning sickness in the first trimester).

Food Cravings: 

I am afraid to say I didn’t really have any strange food cravings during my pregnancy so don’t have any funny stories about wanting to eat weird and wonderful concoctions. I craved lots and lots of fruit (particularly pineapple) and vegetables, spicy food and of course some good quality chocolate thrown in for good measure.


Sleep was definitely not as good this trimester as there were two little feet kicking my nether regions as our little pickle was breech so I had to wander to the bathroom multiple times per night.

I miss my bump but am overjoyed with beginning this new chapter with our little miracle!!!!




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