Pregnancy Update – The Second Trimester

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As I am now heading into my third trimester I thought it was about time I wrote my second trimester update. I can’t believe how fast the time is going! It feels like yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant and now I am two thirds of the way to the finish line.



Pregnancy Outfit

Pregnancy Update

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Second trimester update

The second trimester has been really good to me. I have loved every single second of it! The dreaded morning sickness suddenly subsided at 14 weeks. It was like someone had waved a magic wand and the sickness just lifted. I have also had more energy since then so feel more myself again which has been brilliant.

Baby Bump and Movement:

The second trimester has certainly been the most exciting so far in my pregnancy as I felt the baby move for the first time at around 14/15 weeks which was absolutely amazing and Darryl felt movement at 17 weeks. It was like little flutters in my lower abdomen and week on week they have gradually become much stronger to the point where I now see my tummy move with the baby’s movements. My baby bump also finally started to show properly at about 20 weeks. I must admit I had been a little anxious that I wasn’t showing as I could still fit into my regular jeans up until about 17 weeks but the 20 week scan showed an adorable little wriggler that seems to be growing happily.


The only symptoms that I have had that have caused me to be a little uncomfortable have been having itchy skin and restless legs. Since being pregnant my skin has been so sensitive so I have been ultra careful to use products I know don’t irritate my skin and that I trust. I am still loving the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion to rub all over my tummy but I have also been loving and using Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Lotion with natually occuring colodial oatmeal over the rest of my body. Together they have worked wonders in keeping my skin suitably moisturised and comfortable.

Food Cravings:

I still haven’t had particular cravings for any specific foods but the food aversions that I mentioned that I had in my first trimester have disappeared. I have always had a very fruit and vegetable rich diet and that is I suppose what I “crave” all of the time whether I am pregnant or not so diet for me has just normalised again after the first trimester.


Sleep is generally ok apart from needing to get up to go to the bathroom at least once a night thanks to this wonderful little miracle having a party on my bladder.

Maternity Clothes:

I got all excited about being able to buy maternity clothes but so far everything I have bought has still swamped me apart from my over the bump jeans which I love from H&M.

Looking forward to: 

Being able to buy our little one lots of cute baby clothes, decorating the nursery and buying their pram (I have my eye on the I-Candy). We have already bought their car seat (the maxi-cosy pebble plus) but we are going to wait a few more weeks for piece of mind before we start buying anything else.



Naomi Lilly x


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