Pregnancy Essentials – The First Trimester

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Finding out you are pregnant is probably the most exciting time in your life. Knowing that you are carrying a little miracle and precious bundle of joy. For me a whole host of emotions ran through me from being overjoyed, delighted and overwhelmed when I saw those tiny little letters on the pregnancy test saying pregnant  (followed by another two pregnancy tests just to make sure as I couldn’t believe my eyes). I could barely contain myself and told my husband straight away bombarding him with the news in the morning whilst he was doing the dishes. Surprise!

There are few first trimester essentials that I couldn’t have lived without and think every mummy to be would benefit from having them on on hand.

Multi Vitamin with Folic Acid

This is probably the most important essential for not only the first trimester but throughout your pregnancy. Folic acid is highly important to take as soon as you are thinking about becoming pregnant and especially once you are pregnant throughout your pregnancy as it can help prevent birth defects of your baby’s brain and spinal cord. I have been taking the Vitabiotics Pregnacare Multivitamin that is suitable through all of pregnancy.

Travel Sickness Bands

Travel Sickness Bands have been an amazing help throughout the first trimester of my pregnancy as I suffered from morning sickness. Now let’s clear one thing up. The term morning sickness is definitely misleading and underestimates just how dreadful you might feel. The nausea for me was overwhelming at times and lasted from when I woke up in the morning to the moment I laid my head down on the pillow at night with multiple sprints to the bathroom hoping to make it in time. However, the Sea Band travel sickness bands eased the nausea and gave some relief and I would highly recommend you try them if you are suffering from morning sickness, especially if you are trying to hide your pregnancy from work, family and friends. The funny thing I have found though is that it doesn’t matter how much you hate the nausea and vomiting, as soon as it eases a little, you worry whether there is something wrong so it’s a catch twenty two.

Healthy Snacks

As soon as I felt ever so slightly hungry, morning sickness for me worsened so I made sure to have a few healthy snacks on hand at all times. Things like bananas and grapes were my go to. Other people swear by ginger tea but for me the smell of ginger tea was unpleasant (unusual for me as that is usually one of my teas). However, Nature Valley Ginger Nut granola bars seemed to go down well as well as Tyrrells Salt and apple cider vinegar crisps (just make sure to choose a pack with the purest ingredients and with no nasties). Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful health food in itself and a great beauty product but combined with salt has been proven to help with nausea by neutralising the stomach acid. It certainly did wonders for me for those desperate moments.


Yes this is probably the only time where you have a great excuse to take it easy. During pregnancy, your body is doing incredible things and you will find that you are much much more tired than usual. Curl up with a good book and a nice cup of tea (make sure it is decaffeinated though!) or watch a film with your friends and or family.

Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Although they say that you are likely to be predisposed to getting stretch marks or not, I would like to think by pampering yourself with a little anti-stretch mark body lotion that the chances of getting them may be minimised. If nothing else you will be beautifully moisturised and smell nice. I have been enjoying the Palmers Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion.


Although this is probably an obvious one but a camera I think is an absolute essential during pregnancy to document your pregnancy as a family and your growing baby bump over time to be able to show your little one in the future. I use the Canon EOS M.

I hope some of these tips are helpful to you if you are pregnant or if you are soon to be pregnant. If you are…MANY CONGRATUALTIONS to you!! I would love to know your tips so do share them in the comments.


Naomi Lilly x


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