How to Stay Motivated and Positive

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Not every day is good day but there is something

Staying motivated and staying positive is something that continually plagues each and every one of us. Everybody has good days and not so good days and might struggle with motivation but one thing that I think about and try and hold onto on the not so good days is a phrase that I got told many moons ago which is “Not everyday may be a good day but, there is something good in everyday”.

Everyday is a gift and it is becoming much more evident to me at the moment with lots of negative things that have happened recently either to someone I know or someone my friends know that life can be snatched away from you in an instant so it has become increasingly evident to me to hold onto and cherish all of the little things in life.

So here are 5 factors that I try and employ in my life that have helped me tremendously to keep me motivated and positive and I thought I would share them with you in the hope that they might also help you too.

  1. Staying motivated and positive is a decision that you make. It is very easy to dwell on a situation and re-play situations or things that might happen in our heads over and over again but this causes you to halt rather than moving you forward. Fair enough if you are going to reflect constructively in order to learn from situations that can help you to grow but try not to beat yourself up about something that has already happened. It probably isn’t all that bad anyway if you look at the bigger picture. You can only affect your future actions so focus on steps you can put in place to move forward and grow.
  2. Try and focus on the present moment. It is very easy to try and think about the future but this can be very overwhelming and stress evoking. By focusing on the present moment you can break things down into manageable steps (bite size chunks) which causes less cognitive overload so you are more likely to stay motivated and positive and complete what you are planning on completing or reaching your end goal. or example, you can’t eat the cake before you have made it by weighing out your ingredients and following the method to get you to the end goal of a yummy baked cake. When I implement this method in my everyday life by taking things a step at a time, I am definitely more productive.
  3. Complete one task at a time to the best of your ability. Not only will you have greater satisfaction by knowing what you have produced or completed is of good quality, completing one task at a time is also more productive as you can give a task your complete attention without being distracted. By completing the tasks, you reduce stress which in turn helps you to keep motivated and positive.
  4. Staying motivated and positive is also easier if you focus on what you are passionate about. We all need to do things in life that we don’t always love but if you get the things you don’t like to do out of the way first you can enjoy yourself much more quickly without the stress of having the things you don’t want to do hanging over you.
  5. Give yourself a break and enjoy life! In order to stay motivated and positive you need to know your limits and when to have some time to yourself to recharge your batteries. It is all about being able to prioritise and have a good balance so you can really enjoy every moment in your life.

How do you keep yourself motivated and positive? I would love to know!





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