Girl in the plum skirt

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Plum Skirt Outfit Paris Hilton Lace Heels Plum Skirt IMG_0682 Plum Skirt Outifit 3

[Skirt: Primark; top: H&M; shoes: Paris Hilton; bag: BHS]

If you have already read my previous post about how to style a flippy skirt, you may have guessed I have a little bit of a love affair with skirts. Recently, I have been on the hunt for a plum coloured midi skirt and a couple of weekends ago I found one!! Yippee.

Admittedly, when I first bought this skirt I was a little unsure if it was slightly too straight in design compared to what I was looking for as I usually prefer slightly fuller skirts but once I paired it with my gorgeous dusky pink Paris Hilton lace heels my Fiancé bought me for Christmas, this bright white long sleeved top from H & M, and deep plum wine coloured handbag, I fell in love with it. The richness of the deep plum colour, the detail of the leather trim around the waist band and the length of this skirt really gives a look of elegance. I also love how beautifully this skirt flows when you walk or when it catches in the wind. It feels and looks expensive but in fact it was a total bargain!! I found this little beauty in Primark on sale for only £3. Yes, I know!! Ridiculous!!

Moral of the story, keep your eyes peeled as you never know what you amazing pieces you might come across when you least expect it that may quickly become one of your most favourite finds!!



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