Personal Journey 2016

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Over the past couple of years Darryl and I have made goals together and we have found that not only has it been a fun challenge to do together, but by actually writing them down, we have made them come to fruition. They range from little goals, like having date night once a week to bigger goals like getting married (which was the best day of my life) and buying our first home together.

Now 2016 is here, I have decided to make my first ever new years goals/resolutions. I know what you are thinking, why haven’t you made any before? Well I have always been afraid that I wouldn’t stick to them and didn’t want to put that anxiety upon myself if I broke them. What I have learnt though over the past few years is that the only person that holds you back from reaching your goals, hopes and dreams is yourself. Yes, you! That little voice in your head that holds you back and gives you those butterflies in the morning. The oh so annoying little voice that is unmistakably fear. Fear of not meeting your own expectations but also of what everyone else might think of you.

I am always susceptible to these little thoughts and worries and this is something that I hope to conquer in 2016. To stop worrying about what other people might think of me and to really follow my dreams and make them come true. I have a wonderful small group of friends and family that I love and cherish and they all know who they are and they have always been supportive of me, but I am going to get over my concerns of disappointing both the people around me and myself and go for it. “It” being whatever it is I hope to accomplish.

To make a goal or dream come true I believe you have to make action points so that they are more achievable as they make you really think about how you are going to reach them.

So what are my hopes and dreams for 2016 and how am I going to make them come true?

  1. To be happy and positive – this will be a life long goal I am sure, but for me being happy and positive starts from living in the moment, spending more time with friends and family and not worrying so much about what the future holds. Rather, recognising life is precious and to hold on tight to everything you hold dear and put all your effort into everything you do as the only thing that matters is that the people around you are healthy and happy and that you are happy. What I have noticed though is that people are happier around you if your are happy. Its the little things in life that count. The relationships you hold. That is all that really and truly matters.
  2. To be more confident – Like I have already mentioned, the idea to stop worrying about what other people think or disappointing those around you is a big goal that I want to try and conquer this year as it really does affect your ability to achieve your goals and being confident in what you want to achieve. The only way to achieve this is to stamp on those thoughts when they come into your head and surround yourself with positive supportive people.
  3. To become consistent in blogging and making youtube videos – the above two goals feed directly into this as blogging and making youtube videos makes me happy as it is it is my little creative space on the internet where I can indulge my passions but I have been bad at being consistent as I have been continually concerned about what people might think of me. So, I am going to take more responsibility for my negative thoughts, put into action the above two goals and make a routine for myself so that I can be consistent. I will be blogging about beauty, fashion, health, fitness and travel and any thoughts in between that might pop into my head.
  4. To travel more – I have always loved visiting new places and have been blessed that I have been lucky enough to have visited quite a few but there are still a number of places that I would love to visit such as go skiing with Darryl (although I have been before, this is something I would like to achieve together as he has never been before), Norway to visit the northern lights and to do a fly and drive down the west coast of America.
  5. To continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle  – this is a goal I know probably most people have and more of a continued lifestyle goal of mine as if you know me already health and fitness is a love of mine and I generally eat very healthily and exercise at least 3 times a week at minimum. When I am bored I find myself lost searching for recipes and reading about the benefits of certain foods etc. I believe food is medicine and my goal is to become more educated in this.

I hope that this post will not only give me the kick up the behind I need but also give you some inspiration if you are thinking about your thoughts and goals for 2016 to fulfil your personal journey.

I look forward to venturing on this journey with you this year, hope that you like the exciting content that will be coming your way in 2016 and wish you all health and happiness.


Naomi Lilly


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